Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) isolates your body’s own platelets to heal and regenerate tissue. This revolutionary treatment has proven effective in a variety of different applications. PRP can be applied to joints, skin, scars, and scalp to restore both look and function in measurable ways.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Made Of?

The PRP substance is made of plasma (the colorless fluid found in blood after it’s centrifuged) and an enhanced platelet rich count. A specific procedure is used to extract your own blood, process it in a specialized kit, centrifuge it and use this new PRP substance to stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue.

How Does PRP Work?

The PRP substance is injected into the wounded, damaged or aged area in order to stimulate the body’s healing process, this results in faster healing and a fresh appearance (in aesthetic procedures). The idea is that by using your body’s own healing mechanism focused in one area, it will accelerate the restoration process.

How Can PRP Therapy Help You?

Normally platelets work by inducing the healing process in an injury. Lack of blood flow or aged tissue stop optimal healing and restoring of that tissue. Now, because of it’s high concentration of platelets, PRP kickstarts the stalled healing mechanism or aging process.

Joint Injections

For people with joint problems, PRP speeds up recovery times and aid in restoring mobility.

Hair Restoration

If you’re experiencing hair loss, PRP can restore your scalp and revive your hair naturally.

Facial Rejuvenation

If you want a natural “facelift”, PRP can be injected in facial depressions and then microneedled.

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