Our suite of lasers precisely removes the outer layers of your skin and penetrates into the deeper layers to stimulate collagen production for softening of imperfections

What is a Laser Treatment?

It uses laser energy at certain wavelengths to destroy surface skin and reduce the pigmentation of scars. We use 1540nm, 2940nm, IPL and offer both ablative fractional and non-ablative fractional lasers

Is More Than One Laser Used

It depends on the case, but we have several lasers to choose from to ensure optimal outcomes. This video highlights a 1540nm non-ablative laser from the Cynosure Icon

Laser Commonly Treated Conditions

Below you’ll find the most common medical and aesthetic treatments


All types of scars such as surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks can be treated


Brown and red pigmentation respond very well to our intense pulsed light and ablation lasers

Fine Line and Texture

Our ablation lasers help smooth fine wrinkles and stimulate collagen for firmer skin texture

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Most require multiple treatments. This depends on the desired results and depth of treatment. This laser scar treatment can be adjusted for a few deep treatments with some significant downtime or multiple lighter treatments with less downtime.
How Do I Care For My Skin After The Treatment?
It is important to follow your physician’s instructions. We will recommend skin care products and provide instructions on how to use them. These will minimize your risk of inflammation or redness and ensure the shortest healing time. Within weeks, your treated skin will feel smoother, fine wrinkles and pores will be less noticeable, and sun spots or uneven pigmentation will fade. Results depend on your condition, the number of treatments and the area treated. Your physician will provide you with complete information about the post treatment care and results. You will be sensitive to ultraviolet light and you must avoid direct sun exposure until fully healed. Sun tanning and tanning beds should be avoided for 1 month before and after each BBL session. A broad spectrum sunblock with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as the primary ingredients should be used on a daily basis.
What Will I Look Like Immediately After my Laser Treatment?
Erythema, edema, and a sunburn sensation may be noticed in the treatment area for up to twelve hours after treatment. Swelling should be present only as a short-term response. Patients undergoing more than 200 micron ablation may choose to sleep sitting upright the first night after the procedure to avoid swelling of facial tissues. Often tissue will peel or flake as a result of the ablation. Peeling or flaking usually occurs after 24 -48 hours.
What Will My Treatment Consist Of?
Our physicians in a consultation determine a laser treatment plan for each new patient, accounting for the desired outcome and time available for healing. We will discuss pre-op precautions, such as stopping retinoids and acid treatments 3 days prior and taking Valtrex if you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores. The procedure is gentle, non-invasive, and safe. There should be minimal or no discomfort, however, this varies from patient to patient and depends on the depth of the treatment. An anesthetic cream applied 45 minutes prior to your treatment, may be used if so desired to minimize any treatment associated discomfort. Your physician will recommend the best options during the consultation. The treatment involves precise removal of the epidermis at a depth predetermined by your physician. Pinpoint bleeding may occur with deeper depths. Patients often describe a slight stinging sensation, like the snapping of a rubber band, in the treated areas. Most individuals find this to be very tolerable. Your procedure may take a few minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the area to be treated and the type of the procedure performed.
What Areas Can Be Treated?
Pretty much any area of your body can be treated. The mo
How Long Is The Healing Process?
The healing process varies from patient to patient but will generally take from two to four days. The procedure can be performed on Thursday or Friday and you can return to work the following Monday. Immediately following the procedure you will feel as if you have a bad sunburn. You will have minor sloughing and itchiness the following day. By day two, redness will begin to fade and by day three any redness can be easily covered by makeup. We will advise you on how best to protect your skin to maintain the benefits you will see from your MicroLaserPeel.
What Type Anesthesia Is Used?
A topical anesthetic, if necessary, is applied thirty to 45 minutes before the procedure.
How Often Does the Laser Treatment Need To Be Done?
Typically, laser procedures are repeated 3-5 times, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, but many peels may be done to achieve the desired result. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Laser Scar Treatment Before and After

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