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Medical records are mandatory to demonstrate pre-qualification for medical marijuana in the state of Florida. Most important is that your medical records list an eligible diagnosis. If you arrive to your appointment without your medical records, we can obtain these for you by having you fill out a form, however the responsibilty is on you to ensure that you have an eligible condition.

For most of our patients who express interest, we email them a medical records release form and ask that they fax or email a signed copy back to us along with the information of the doctor’s office who has relevant medical records.

Step 1 – Contact your primary care physician

You may contact your primary care doctor or physician who has your medical records and request a copy be sent to you. Under Florida law, you are entitled to your health care records. They may request that you fill out a form with you signature.

Step 2 –   Bring your medical records to the appointment

Unless we have requested records on your behalf, it is extremely important to bring your medical records to your medical marijuana appointment.

What if I don’t have medical records?

A qualifying condition with appropriate diagnosis is required to obtain medical marijuana in Florida. If you don’t have any medical records, you may find a physician for an examination and diagnosis. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment with one of our physicians for an examination diagnosis and any recommended treatment to determine elibibility.

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