Get the Summer Glow Season Round

If attaining brighter skin is of importance to you, then it is crucial to include skin cleansing in your routine. Here you will find information as to why facials are an essential treatment for glowing and even skin.

Our facial tone naturally loses luminosity and evenness over time, but luckily this is something we can avoid with the proper facial cleansing routine. Impurities on the face, naturally produced oils and overall contamination that our skin generates are caused mainly by external agents and have a direct impact on the health of our skin. In order for our skin to breathe properly, deep cleansing must become a regular part of our skin cleansing routine. This way, we will be able to provide our skin with the youthfulness and vitality it deserves!

Amongst many of the objectives professional facials meet, some of the leading ones include:

  • Completely restores hygiene levels.
  • Fights external factors that may have an effect on the skin (such as; malnutrition, the sun, contamination, smoking) which can cause the skin to appear dry.
  • Allows the skin to balance oil and hydration to obtain skin that is in perfect condition.
  • Decreases pore size and decongests obstructed pores allowing for the skin to breathe.
  • Ultimately succeeding in a healthy and properly nourished skin aspect.

It is important to mention that cleaning our skin daily and applying the best treatments and products is of importance to maintain healthy skin, yet, all this can go in vain if our pores are

obstructed. This is because the active ingredients incorporated in our products are not easily absorbed if this is the case. Therefore, it is difficult for these products to have any effect on the skin. This is why we can not limit ourselves to on-the-surface cleaning. When the skin is maintained completely clean, absorption of hydrating, nutritive or anti-aging creams is much more effective.

So how often are facials necessary? This question varies depending on skin types and issues that come individually. On average, the skin will be extremely thankful and properly maintained with this deep cleaning procedure every two or three months.

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