Nourish and feed your skin with all the nutrients it needs

Achieve brighter and healthier looking skin with our signature facials and peels.

Facials are often overlooked as part of our skincare routine even though they play a major role in our skin’s health. At VIOR we offer a wide range of facials, masks and chemical peels to brighten up your skin and bring back that healthy glow you once had.

Brickell Facial, Mask and Peel Options


VIOR Life Signature Facial

Detox and plump your skin with this fundamental and power-packed facial. Your skin will be carefully prepared for a deep pore extraction, followed by serum additions and finalizing with a mask that will re-plump the skin with hydration! Leaving you with a brightly energized complexion.

Rejuvenating Facial

This unique treatment is targeted to respond to the visible signs of aging. With topical vitamins, antioxidants and lactic acid repair, we aim to rejuvenate and restore the skin.

Brightening Facial

Designed to address hyper-pigmentation, this vitamin and antioxidant infused treatment will unveil your brightest and most radiant skin.

Customized Facial 

At the time of your appointment our aesthetician will assess your skin and create a facial based on the needs of your skin using any of our deluxe products.


  • Brightening mask
  • Collagen Mask
  • Bio Mask


VIOR Life offers SkinCeuticals chemical peels, which are ideal for skin maintenance while restoring health and appearance. These exfoliating treatments help resurface the upper layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy, glowing skin from beneath. Chemical peels are available in a variety of formulations and concentrations to target a diversity of skin concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone.