Are you tired of looking yourself in the mirror and not being happy with what you see? Pants not zipping up properly? Maybe you’re doing everything right, yet nothing changes! Tell us about it. It’s not unusual for us to regularly exercise and maintain healthy eating habits, yet still have a hard time getting rid of accumulated fat in specific areas of our body. In certain occasions, we must undergo surgery in order to see the results we want to see in our bodies. Seek no further! CoolSculpting will do the job in a noninvasive form.

CoolSculpting is a strong and effective alternative to treat and target the reduction of fat. In fact, nowadays, CoolSculpting is recognized as one of the best treatments when it comes to eliminating stubborn fat. This procedure does not interfere with our daily routine, our wallet, nor is it invasive. We can target stubborn belly fat or even the stubborn fat that accumulates under our chin! With the help of CoolSculpting, you will begin to feel your clothes fit better than ever and getting dressed will be that much easier!

HOW DOES CoolSculpting® WORK?

This technology is based on the destruction of fatty cells through low temperature. When fatty cells are brought to this low temperature, they begin to transform into a solid state which allows the body to eliminate them. Talk about awesome


Most definitely. CoolSculpting is the safest proven way to eliminate fat without invasive surgery and offers guaranteed safety. As opposed to other treatments, the machines that are used during this procedure can be fully controlled. The only thing in danger during this procedure is your stubborn fat!


CoolSculpting takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours per visit and it is recommended to treat each desired zone with at least two sessions. Yet, this will differ upon the client’s needs and goals. Best part is you can bring a book or another preferred activity for entertainment during this safe procedure.


During the session, you will feel cold. Immediately afterwards, it is possible for tissue to seem and feel somewhat more rigid than before the session. This is normal and will usually subside within half an hour to forty-five minutes. Plus, you get an awesome massage out of it. The procedure will show results throughout the following weeks with obvious reduction of fat in the treated zones.

CoolSculpting RESULTS

The coolest part about this procedure is how you will see increasing results throughout the following months after the procedure is done.

Clients begin to feel slimmer, trimmer and more toned than ever before. Some experts even say that it may leave you with having dropped one to two sizes in clothing.

For more before and after photos please the official CoolSculpting page


“I saw a change in my physique after I had my children. I noticed places where I didn’t have fat before like my lower back or my tummy. I had my treatment at 1:00 p.m. was out of there by 2:30 p.m., walked five miles, did yoga and went to dinner than same night. No down time at all.” – Anne, age 56.

“A month later, my jeans were zipping up easier. I noticed my back fat disappearing and my skin looking smoother. I can officially say that in my experience, CoolSculpting works: I’m so happy see those stubborn fat areas of fat disappeared – without surgery and pain-free.” – Reader’s Digest

“I exercise daily and I maintain a plant-based diet. Yet, I still happen to see certain areas of my body where fat had accumulated! It just felt like it’s stuck there and wouldn’t shed. Talk about stubborn. Although I was a bit skeptical on CoolSculpting, I jumped into this procedure and after three CoolSculpting sessions, I can finally say that those areas are slimmer than ever. I couldn’t be happier with my results.” – Maria, age 26


CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that will target stubborn fat cells in your body in order to extinct them. Results will gradually show within the following months and as most of our CoolSculpting clients, that bikini will no longer be in a drawer and dusty! You will begin to feel so great about yourself that all you’ll want to do is to show off your beach body. View more information on this cool procedure directly from the CoolSculpting website here

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